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  • The industry of unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs)

    On May 6, hundred million only through weibo voice navigation, says show the cause of the failure is a part of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) positioning and auxiliary positioning system after taking off by the directional interference, cause abnormal position and height data, relevant departments are investigating the specific interference sources, is also the guinness book of records the rehearsal has been completed.
    So, why didn't there be a problem in rehearsing, but there was such a big omission in the performance?In fact, in the process of the motion of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), is easily affected by many factors, such as through a certain power of directional radio frequency to the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) precise coordinates cannot be obtained data;Or it could attack the gyroscope that the drone carries and cause flight disorder.Either by interfering with the radio frequencies between the drone and the flyer, the drone gains control, allowing it to linger, fall directly, or return on its own.
    Faced with this dilemma, it is not hard to recall the recent Russian drone "suicide" incident and the recent re-occurrence of a driverless car accident.In the process of new technology research and development, it has never been smooth sailing. In this process, there will be many problems.

  • Absolutely practical, how to choose home embedded gas stove?

    Domestic gas stove is an indispensable product in people's daily life. This article introduces some simple household gas stove purchase and basic use of common sense.

    First of all, consumers must be what kind of gas how to use clear of their area of residence prior to purchase, China's city gas is mainly divided into three categories: the artificial coal gas and natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas, domestic gas stove products in accordance with the applicable source is also divided into three categories corresponding, so consumers must pay attention to choose according to the corresponding products of their actual use of air condition.

    In the purchase of gas stove products can be observed through the product packaging and appearance to broadly distinguish the quality of products, usually high quality gas stove products packaging materials firm, specification and qualification certificate and other accessories complete, clear printing content, the overall product structure is stable and heavier, thick plate, sophisticated processing, edge smooth burr.

    Secondly, according to the needs of the family to determine the installation of desktop or embedded cooker. The table is a cooker which is placed on the supporting surface of the whole stove, and embedded as the name implies is to insert the main body of the cooker into the supporting surface. At present the embedded household gas stove on the market is the biggest difference between the stove panel material is relatively large changes, there are two kinds of stainless steel and glass, as well as part of product selection of enamel and other materials, all materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, stainless steel materials and strong collision resistance, but after long-term use of surface gloss will be worse, glass the beauty of material corrosion and abrasion resistant, but its heat resistance than the stainless steel material, if the installation and improper use can also cause burst phenomenon, consumers can choose different materials are determined according to their own hobbies.

    In addition, consumers according to their own habits to determine buy gas stoves with different heat load, usually the food habits suitable for the use of fire more fierce (design heat load) of the gas stove, according to the actual effect, consumers should choose a single burner design heat load in the 3500W to 4000W range of products.

    Finally, to remind consumers, according to the current effective national standard requirements, embedded household gas cooker must have flameout protection safety device, so consumers must pay attention to this point in the purchase. Due to the special use conditions of embedded gas stoves, accidental flameout is more likely to occur in the process of using the gas cooker, and the flameout protection safety device will play a very good role in protection.

  • Are you caught in the selection of these lampblack machines?

    A misunderstanding: “ circular air inlet, air inlet can 360°
    The stove stove two generated fume distribution on both sides, and the center position of the smoke inlet, can only guarantee from the center of the nearest smoke into the full range, the distance of the smoke is easy to escape, so the air inlet is 360° 360° open design, not all of the tobacco into.

    Misunderstanding two: “ the greater the air, smoke the better
    The effect of smoking can not be determined only by air quantity. Excessive air flow not only can not absorb lampblack, but also disturbs the flow direction of lampblack gas. And theoretically, the fan air flow and noise is a pair of natural contradiction, the air flow over the big, but cause intolerable noise.

    Misunderstanding three: “ oil net is more clean and
    Side suction close smoking, contact oil earlier, gas oil contact to the oil network began to freeze into liquid, when the oil drops to a certain extent, smoke can no longer pass. Therefore, the technical experts in order to change the oil network worries, developed “ three heavy oil fume separation technology ” oil free network design, filter oil fumes through multi layer technology.

    Misunderstanding four: “ free washable side suction machine can really free washable
    The real smoke separation by using centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the impeller to separate the fumes, a strainer as thousands of smoke, is clearly impossible, only with better fan anti oil coating and good maintenance to ensure long-term efficient operation of lampblack machine.

    Error five:
    The best material in China is imported M-Cr refined steel material, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, and will be more shiny, distinguish when remember that the magnet can not suck, is the fine steel material. There is also a panel is protected by a Teflon coating, with non stick oil corrosion resistance and other advantages of easy cleaning, in addition to another excellent stainless steel plate material.

    Misunderstanding six: cavity design is not important: The design of the inner cavity of the range hood, on the one hand, should be as seamless as possible, easy to clean, but also to protect the line, so that a variety of lines in the oil fumes under such strong corrosion conditions can work properly, not corrosion.

  • Lampblack is harmful to the body, how to smoke?

    Most Chinese housewives do not smoke, but they are the high risk group of lung cancer. The cooking characteristics of Chinese dishes are “ quick fire stir frying ” and the oil in the pot must be boiled until the smoke is released. It is known that, from the smoke pan, containing 3, 4 kinds of carcinogenic benzopyrene and other chemical substances,     housewives with long-term kitchen, these can often inhaled carcinogenic chemicals, it will increase the possibility of lung cancer.

    On the other hand, our country since there are a lot of family cooking rely on natural gas, coal or gas or coal ball, these substances will escape the combustion of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases are also carcinogenic. Some housewives in “ two pronged ” in the poison, naturally more likely to get lung cancer. In addition, the medical profession also found that housewives are prone to aging, vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases (such as rectal diseases, etc.). After investigation, experts believe that this is the result of fatty oxide poisoning, and the kitchen oil mist has a close relationship. So, we can prevent the following measures:

    The first recruit: change “ fire stir fry ” cooking habits.

                don't make oil overheating do not exceed 200 DEG C, the temperature (to smoke limit), this not only can reduce the “ smoke syndrome ” and under the pot dish in the vitamin can be effectively preserved.

    The second trick: it is better not to repeatedly cook fried oil.

                some housewives in order to save some oil, fried fish, fried spareribs used oil is not abandoned, you know, it also contains a lot of carcinogens. Repeated heating and cooking oil, such as repeatedly used to fried food cooking, not only contain carcinogenic substances, it produces smoke carcinogens are also more and more harm.

    The third trick: be sure to do the kitchen ventilation.

                kitchen should always maintain natural ventilation, but also install performance, better smoke extractor. In the cooking process, always open the hood, stir fry 10 minutes after cooking off the hood.

    The fourth way: try to use steaming, cooking, fried and other cooking methods.

              this can not only reduce the amount of edible oil, but also reduce the damage to food nutrients.